Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use another gas such as nitrogen?

Answer: Yes, you can switch from compressed air to compressed nitrogen or other inert gases without any modification to the Pulsair mixing system.


What size tank can I mix or blend in with Pulsair?

Answer:  You can use Pulsair in any size or geometrically shaped tank.  Additionally, you can operate 40-60 blend tanks from a single touchscreen Pulsair PPC controller.


How long has this technology been around?

Answer:  The first customer was Texaco back in 1983.  Since then, Pulsair has been come the leading lubricant and fuel blending system on the market today.


What lubricant companies use Pulsair?

Answer:  8 out of the top 10 lubricant manufactures in world use Pulsair for their lube blending.  Some of these companies include Exxon, Shell, BP, Total, Chevron, Petronas and Agip.


Can it mix high viscosity lubricants?

Answer:  Yes, the Pulsair mixing process can successfully mix liquids up to 100,000 centipoise.


What size tank will the Pulsair system fit into?

Answer:  Pulsair has mixing solutions for 55-gallon drums, IBC totes and larger tanks well over 10 MG and 150′ in diameter.  Additional, a single touch-screen PLC controller can manage the mixing in 40 separate tanks.


How much does it cost?

Answer:  55-gallon drum mixers start at just over $1,000 USD per unit.  All larger tank blending systems are custom engineered to meet the respective mixing requirements.

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